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The LifeConnections medical plans are designed for Cisco employees and their families that live in the San Francisco Bay Area with one goal in mind: relentlessly pursue the best patient-care experience.

The provider network is Stanford Health Care Alliance. Every provider is handpicked by Stanford Health Care and required to meet their high-quality standards for patient care.

Plan Advantages

  • * Low paycheck contributions and lower deductible than national plans
  • * Top notch and distinguished doctors
  • * Connected Care Team
  • * Concierge Member Service
  • * Coverage for children away from home
  • * Teladoc virtual visits

Already a member?

Please look at our Digital User Guide to ensure you have the best experience in the plans. This guide will provide you with the basic ins and outs for successfully navigating your plan.

If you are new to Cisco, please learn more by visiting the U.S. Benefits Portal
New Enrollment

If you need help, call 1-866-282-3866 or 1-408-526-5999, option 4. Benefits representatives are available from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time on all business days.

Where You Get Care

On campus

See Stanford doctors at the LifeConnections Health Center, at a lower cost

Near home

Near Home Stanford doctors and in-network hospitals are located in neighborhoods across the Bay Area.

Away from home

Emergency and Urgent care covered everywhere. Adult children living away from home can get both primary and specialty medical care from Aetna providers.

Virtual visit

Access Teladoc to request a virtual visit with a doctor by computer, phone, or mobile app.

  • Important fact: All Cisco employees eligible for benefits can use the Cisco LifeConnections Health Center, regardless of where they live or work. We accept all Cisco medical plan insurance, including Unitedhealthcare, Cigna, LifeConnections Medical Plans with Stanford Health Care Alliance and Kaiser Permanente.

Am I eligible?

The LifeConnections plans are available to Cisco employees who live in select Bay Area cities.

Enter your ZIP code on the right to check if you are eligible to enroll in the plans.

If you have a child living away from home—a college student, for example—don't worry. Children living outside of the service area can access medical care across the US. Simply contact Stanford Member Services at 844 845-8078 before they seek care and choose from an approved list of national providers. Learn more.

Are you eligible for the LifeConnections plans?

Yes! You are eligible to enroll in a LifeConnections plan.

Yes! You are eligible to enroll in a LifeConnections plan.

Sorry! Your ZIP code isn’t eligible, but you have other high-quality Cisco medical plans to choose from. Learn more at usbenefitsportal.cisco.com.

The plans

Get to know your options.

You have two LifeConnections medical plans to consider.

The plans offer the same comprehensive medical and pharmacy coverage as the Health Plus Savings Plan, PPO, and Kaiser CA. But the network of providers for the plans—Stanford Health Care Alliance—is specifically designed to meet the needs of Cisco employees and their families in the Bay Area.

How do the plans work?

Both plans cover the same services, use the same network, and offer emergency or urgent care only out of network. When you use the LifeConnections Health Center or Pharmacy, you save money on office visits and prescriptions. But, there are some important differences between the plans:

The LifeConnections Plus Savings Plan

The LifeConnections Plus Savings Plan is a high-deductible health plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA) that offers lower paycheck contributions and a lower deductible than the Health Plus Savings Plan (HPSP). Plus, you get an HSA with a contribution from Cisco, just like the HPSP with an HSA.

The LifeConnections Plan

The LifeConnections Plan is a more traditional plan with the same low deductible as the PPO, but you pay low copays for office visits instead of coinsurance.

Visit the U.S. Benefits portal for plan design details.
Important: With both plans, your care is only covered if you see providers in the network, except for emergency or urgent care.

Find out more

Get answers to your questions.

Confirm your eligibility, look up a network provider, learn about the plan design, get concierge support, and more.

Plan features

Lower paycheck contributions

Low paycheck contributions

You could save hundreds of dollars on your paycheck contributions by switching to either of the LifeConnections plans.

A connected care team

A connected care team

With the LifeConnections plans, your primary care physician is your team captain, coordinating your care and collaborating with all your specialists.

Top-notch  doctors

Top-notch doctors

With Stanford Health Care Alliance, in collaboration with Aetna, you get access to leading doctors and specialists across the Bay Area.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

If you get the flu while traveling or have an accident on vacation, no worries! Wherever you are, you’re covered for emergency and urgent care.

Concierge service

Concierge service

Stanford Member Services can help you understand the plans, help find a doctor for you and your family, link you to specialized services and resources, and more.

Meet your doctors

Get to know the doctors and hospitals that power the plans.

The plans use a network of providers that was built specifically for Cisco to meet the needs of Bay Area employees. Think of the network as a distinguished regional healthcare community that can provide all of the care you might need. Find your doctor.

Most of the network’s providers are with the Stanford Health Care Alliance, which includes physicians, specialists, and hospitals affiliated with Stanford Health Care and Washington Hospital Healthcare System. The network also includes pediatricians affiliated with Stanford Children’s and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford. We also partner with Aetna, who administers the plans and augments the network with behavioral health providers, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and physical therapists. As with our other healthcare plans, CVS/caremark administers the pharmacy benefit for the LifeConnections plans.

As with our other healthcare plans, CVS/caremark administers the pharmacy benefit for the LifeConnections plans.

You can see in-network doctors at the LifeConnections Health Center or in your community. (Please note that you can still use the LifeConnections Health Center even if you don’t enroll in a LifeConnections plan). To choose your own personal doctor, contact a Member Services Specialist at 844 845-8078. It is recommended that you select a personal doctor within 90 days from when your membership becomes active.

Conveniently located in Building Q, the health center offers primary care with Stanford Medicine doctors plus other services, including acupuncture, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and vision care.

You can choose your personal doctor by contacting a Member Services Specialist at 844 845-8078. It is recommended that you select a personal doctor within 90 days from when your membership becomes active.

Where are the providers in the LifeConnections plans located?

The map shows primary care, express care, and some hospital locations in the Stanford Health Care Alliance network. Additional providers, specialty locations, urgent care centers, and participating hospitals are also available in the network. The LifeConnections plans are only being offered in areas that have providers close to where employees and their covered family members work and live.

Why does Cisco partner with Stanford Health Care?

Cisco chose to partner with Stanford Health Care because of its long-standing history and expertise in healthcare delivery, clinical innovation, and continuity of care.

The Stanford Health Care Alliance uses leading-edge technology to expand and deliver all its services, including telehealth and coordination of medical records, insurance, and authorizations. Plus, we’ve seen the amazing things that Stanford Health Care can do at our LifeConnections Health Center, where Cisco employees have benefited from convenient, quality care from Stanford doctors since October 2015.

Transition your care

Stanford Health Care doctors offer a wide range of advanced treatments across all specialties. However, we understand there are times when you are receiving care and need special assistance to be sure the transition of your care does not result in any lapses, so you get the care you need.

In some cases, it may be necessary to approve limited continuing care with your current out-of-network doctor to achieve a safe transfer of care.

Simply submit a transition of care request form.

Eligibility for transition of care:

  • Members who are new to the plan and whose doctors are not in the network
  • Existing members whose doctor has left the network

Eligible medical condition may include:

  • Pregnant or delivered in the last 6 weeks
  • Hospitalized at the time of the new plan year
  • Scheduled to have surgery in the new plan year
  • In chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer
  • Diagnosed with a terminal illness
  • Getting treated for certain other acute or chronic conditions


You can request a short-term extension once you enroll. Requests can be made up until 90 days from when your membership becomes active. To avoid gaps in your treatment or charges from using out-of-network physicians, please submit a transition of care request form as soon as you enroll or become aware of your transition of care needs.


Please call the Member Services Specialists at 844 845‑8078.
Specialists are available Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Time.